We see a future where only meaningful brands dominate the market

Rite is obsessed with one mission - to help good companies do good things for a good cause.

We help companies and organizations structure and tell their stories, and pass their vibe in a way it delivers value and emotions to all stakeholders.

  • Impactful tech companies
    Our end goal is to continuously power scalable impact on the world, and the innovative industry won the leading role in it.
  • Non-profit organizations
    Socially responsible initiatives are also a part of the impact
    we want to amplify.
  • Businesses with
    strong CSR
    Responsible and sustainable companies with strong moral codes are more than welcome.

How we do it


We identify the core values and vision to make companies’ brands scalable, ensuring quick meaningful connection and emotional perception inside and outside the organization.

Brand Core

The soul of the brand - its meaning, mission, vision, and values.

Brand Strategy
Corresponds to the philosophy: includes brand story, image, and positioning.
Visual Identity
The use of graphics and visuals to pass company vibe: corporate identity, logotype, and brand guidelines.
Verbal Identity
Expresses the philosophy through the use of the right words: tone of voice, messages & CTA-s, "do"-s and "don't"-s.
Brand Communication
What, how, when, and where the company talks to the world: naming, messaging, & visual communication.

Strategic Presentations

We use organization data encompassing their concept, traction, market & values, and visualize it in a clear, understandable way.

  • Pitch Decks

    The idea of pitch deck content is wrapping up essential business layers and properly aligning them in a deck that talks instead of founders or supplements the talk.

  • Sales Decks
    Presentations that tell stories, address customers’ needs, properly present your product's or service's value proposition, leaving nothing incomprehensible.
  • Yearly Reports
    We implement textual and visual storytelling through presentation slides, using organization data that illustrates the work done and value for beneficiaries, donors & partners.


We provide our customers with objective-driven actionable

insights to help them overcome their strategic challenges with maximum output.

  • Fundraising
    Pitch rehearsals, investor matchmaking, and valuable advice from our friend investors will help creative entrepreneurs design pitch decks that have solid chances of ensuring financial outcomes.
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
    We help companies and organizations set the right goals and effectively use graphic, visual, and written content to pass their vibe, values, and vision to the world.
  • Communication & PR
    We support businesses and non-profits in applying storytelling techniques and delivering key messages in the most compelling way.

The Customers Community

We become friends with our strategic partners.
Our collaboration is not just a one-time thing. It's a life-long partnership.
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